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Mr.Bhagabata Prasad Parihari With his dynamic spirit and leadership abilities, Mr.Bhagabata Prasad Parihari is the present Chairman of Parihari Infotech.A aged industrialist and a professional with valuable experience are ready to steer the company ahead in its growth plans.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my customers and clients. I learnt some very valuable lessons while planning, discussing and completing various projects and understood that my customers appreciate my urge to be different and the wish to provide qualitative approach. It was you who inspired me to come with newer concepts and better plans with every innovation. When Parihari Infotech spread its wings in yet newer industries my only vision is to provide variations, strategies and enormous opportunities that will shape a better lifestyle. Parihari Infotech industries resonate with these thoughts and today they are the torchbearers of innovative ideas and great planning.

Managing Director
Mr Satyabrata Parihari took over as the Managing Director of Parihari Infotech in 2014-2015, holding the reins of the organization. Mr. Satyabrata Parihari started his career as a Software Engineer after completion of his college life and today he is a successful businessman and a dynamic strategy maker. Immense experience advanced planning and leadership quality of Mr. Satyabrata Parihari has reflected in Parihari Infotech as it is a distinct brand identity in its own sphere.
I have great pleasure in welcoming you to our company Parihari Infotech Pvt Ltd. As a team, we are here to understand your unique requirements and promise you to provide the best products available in the industry.We want to serve, by providing you the technological advantage and our goal is to build a long-term partnership with our clients.We believe !  The future growth of our organization depends on providing excellent service to customers, as well as our ability to help clients make good business decisions.