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Parihari Infotech Pvt Ltd.is a brain child of two vibrant entrepreneurs. In the year of 2014-2015, at the time of incorporation,transcending with all hights to reach the zenith of Excellence, Efficiency and Endurance. Active strategic innovations with cutting edge technology enriched our vision with eminence and competency of a big player retaining with flexibility, agility and paradigm of a small company.

What sets us apart is our passion for people. We understand that its people who drives the world. Processes, Profits or Technology, while being important, cannot be the fulcrum of any endeavor. This is why our policies as an organization are people-centric and our services as a business, client centric.

We offer expertise through SAP/ERP Solutions, IT Audit and Security System, R&D Services, SAP or Non SAP services which includes JAVA-J2SE; J2EE and Android for mobile application, Customized ERP, mobility, Web Portal development, Staffing, Implementation Support, Upgradation, Archiving, Documentation, ERP End User Services, Middle ware interface development.

We reiterate to be client oriented throughout and seek honest accolades from the heart of the common masses.

In a fast growing, highly competitive industry segment, we believe that we have successfully managed to carve out a niche for ourselves that gives us an edge over our competitors.