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The purchasing domain and its efficiency, is the quintessential aspect that enhances the profitability of a company’s business.
To help you with purchasing operations our e-Procurement product, PowerProcure, is a portable web-based application that facilitates such business environment, where 'Capital Purchase' and 'Expense Purchase' can be maintained and managed separately. This helps you in defining and separating business flow and structure, for capital and expense purchase operations.
PowerProcure helps you to quickly generate Invoice and Purchase Order, and offers a unique 3-Way Match feature for accepting receipts. It helps the clients to control end-to-end purchase operations and enhance returns on investment.

3-Way Match Solution:

Using 3-Way Match feature the user has the power, to check the purchase order of items, actual number of items received, and the items for which the invoice has been raised. This method ensures accuracy in making payments only for the ordered items.

PowerProcure features:

  • Web-Enabled Application.
  • Pre-Built Business Rules.
  • Configurable Workflow's - Multi-Level, Ad hoc & Conditional Workflow's.
  • Purchase Order Generation & Online Receipt Tracking.
  • Invoice Generation & Payment Tracking.
  • Three Way Reconciliation.
  • Role based Security & Multi-Level.
  • Zero-Latency Notifications.
  • Tax Calculation Support.
  • Decision Support: Analytics & Executive Dashboards.